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This is the help page for YesWiki.

Getting Started Edit

Browsing YesWiki Edit

There are some ways to find articles on YesWiki, you could:

  • search using the box in the sidebar
  • click a link in an article that leads to another article
  • go to a random page. Click on "Random page" on the sidebar
  • browse according to categories, like members, albums, etc.

Editing YesWiki Edit

If you want to add information to existing articles, click on the "edit" tab on top of the page. This will lead you to the edit page for that particular article. You don't have to be a member to edit, anybody could add or delete contents from YesWiki. Your edits are logged with your user name (if you have one) or your IP address.

Writing a new article Edit

If you cannot find an article or find a "red link", you could write a new article for that topic. Writing a new article is not different from editing an existing one.