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Yes have had many keyboardists over the years. They started with Tony Kaye, who stayed with the band until Fragile, where Rick Wakeman took over. He left the band briefly in 1974, where he was replaced by Patrick Moraz, but soon returned after the release of Relayer. Rick left the band after Tormato, and Geoff Downes played keyboards on Drama. When the band reformed in 1983, Tony Kaye was brought back on keyboards, who stayed there until 1995. (Rick Wakeman has appeared on the 1991 album Union). For their next album, Yes brought in Billy Sherwood, who was joined by Igor Khoroshev for The Ladder. They both left the band after The Ladder tour, and were not replaced for Magnification.

YesYes (Album)1969Tony Kaye
YesTime And A Word1970Tony Kaye
YesThe Yes Album1971Tony Kaye
YesFragile1971Rick Wakeman
YesClose To The Edge1972Rick Wakeman
YesTales From Topographic Oceans1973Rick Wakeman
YesRelayer1974Patrick Moraz
YesGoing For The One1977Rick Wakeman
YesTormato1978Rick Wakeman
YesDrama1980Geoff Downes
Yes901251983Tony Kaye
YesBig Generator1987Tony Kaye
YesUnion1991Tony Kaye & Rick Wakeman
YesTalk1994Tony Kaye
YesOpen Your Eyes1997Billy Sherwood
YesThe Ladder1999Billy Sherwood & Igor Khoroshev
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