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Tom Brislin is a New Jersey based keyboardist, vocalist, and songwriter who appears regularly in the New York City area. A child prodigy of classical piano, he started playing in rock bands at the age of ten. Since then, Brislin has performed and/or recorded with various artists including jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker, pop singer/songwriter Glen Burtnik, Meat Loaf, and the progressive rock bands Yes, Camel and The Syn.

Brislin's stint with Yes happened in the year 2001, when Yes toured on its Magnification project. Initially, the band anticipated not "needing" a keyboardist, since the small orchestra would be replacing those parts. However, after early practice sessions, the band felt that the true Yes sound wasn't coming through without a keyboard part. Wakeman, Kaye, and Khoroshev were not available on such short notice, so Yes took the recommendation of their tour manager (also the tour manager of Meat Loaf) and had Brislin audition. Brislin's progressive rock chops and ability to improvise were an attractive combination and he was signed for the American leg of the tour, then re-signed for the European version. Brislin became friends, especially, with Steve Howe on the tour.

Currently, he leads the original modern-rock band Spiraling.

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