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Steve Nardelli(Stephen Louis Nardelli) was a founder member of The Syn with Chris Squire, Andrew Jackman, John Painter and Martyn Adelman in 1966. He reformed the band in 2003 with Peter Banks, Adelman and later, Squire. He wrote 14 Hour Technicolour Dream in 1967 which is considered one of the finest psyche rock tracks of the era.

Nardelli began playing the guitar at 12. The Beatles, The Who and The Animals were early influences. Inspired by the scene at the Marquee Club, at fourteen Nardelli formed his first group called High Court, an R&B band. Not long after, High Court changed its name and amalgamated into The Syn with Nardelli, Chris Squire, Andrew Pryce Jackman, Martyn Adelman and John Painter. The Syn are considered a significant part of the pre-history of Yes.

Nardelli's first composition was "Grounded", a freakbeat song that he wrote when 14. He co-wrote "14 Hour Technicolour Dream" in 1967, which was reviewed as “one of the best British psychedelic singles by any band,” and voted by Time Out magazine one of the best ever top 100 songs written about London. Both were singles performed by The Syn. Nardelli is a prolific song writer and has iconic status as a singer and song writer and is revered as a founding father of progressive music.

Nardelli continued to write music after The Syn of the 1960s and had a solo recording contract with Decca. Nardelli reformed The Syn with Peter Banks and Martyn Adelman in 2004. The line-up changed, re-uniting Nardelli with Chris Squire, and together they wrote Syndestructible (2005) with contributions from Gerard Johnson and Paul Stacey. This was followed by the album Armistice Day, the title track being written by Nardelli and Johnson. Squire, Johnson and Stacey all left the band, and Nardelli formed a new line-up with Francis Dunnery and Tom Brislin. They released Big Sky in 2009. Nardelli is currently working in collaboration with Swedish band Moon Safari on a new album from The Syn called Trustworks. In an interview for Progzilla radio in October, Nardelli announced that The Syn Live at Rosfest album was being released early in 2015, together with a newly commissioned film The Syn in the 21st Century, as a prelude to the release of the new studio album Trustworks.

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