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Rabbitt was a South African rock band formed in 1972, evolving from a band called The Conglomeration. The group's members (Trevor Rabin, Duncan Faure, Ronnie Robot, and Neil Cloud) were arguably the first real pop stars South Africa had ever had, unless one counts ex-pat Manfred Mann. Their successes included making it to the top of the South African charts with the hit "Charlie" in 1976. Rabbitt broke up in 1978. Rabin would later become a member of Yes, and Faure went on to join the Bay City Rollers.

  • 1968 The Conglomeration is formed with Trevor on guitar, Allen Rosenberg on guitar, Ronnie on bass, and Neil Cloud on drums
  • 1971 Despite winning the South Africa Battle Of The Bands, The Conglomeration dissolves
  • 1972 Rabbitt recorded their first single, a cover of Jethro Tull's "Locomotive Breath". It was an instant hit and stayed on the charts for 14 weeks.
  • 1973 Rabbitt dissolves when Trevor is conscripted into the South Afican army
  • 1974 Rabbitt regroups and begins playing various clubs around South Africa
  • 1975 Rabbitt does a nine-month residency - five nights a week and one matinee - at a run-down club called the Take It Easy club
  • 1976 Rabbitt releases its first album, Boys Will Be Boys . Album becomes a gold record faster than any other South African record. Rabbitt wins a Sarie award, the South African equivalent of a Grammy award, for Best Contemporary Pop Music.
  • 1977 Rabbitt's second album, A Croak And A Grunt In The Night is released. It is the first time any South African album has achieved gold status immediately upon its release. Plans are made for a tour of the United States and Great Britain. Plans for the tour fall through, outside pressures take their toll on the band. Trevor leaves Rabbitt and heads for London.
  • 1978 As a trio, Rabbitt records one more album, Rock Rabbitt, but disbands shortly after their tour.

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