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From 1997 to 1999, the band King Crimson "fraKctalised" into four sub-groups known as the ProjeKcts, one of which was ProjeKct Two.

ProjeKct Two featured members Robert Fripp (guitar), Trey Gunn (Warr guitar, talker) and Adrian Belew (V-drums). It was the second of the ProjeKcts to be planned, thus its name, but the first to play and record. Belew is the lead vocalist and a guitarist in King Crimson, but plays V-drums, a type of electronic drum kit, in ProjeKct Two. This configuration was unplanned, but Belew had recently taken possession of the V-drums and Fripp was keen to experiment with their use.

Space Groove, recorded over three days (19-21 November 1997), was a double CD of improvisations performed in the studio during the band's first sessions together. They toured in USA, UK, Japan and Canada between February and July 1998, playing new material and some King Crimson pieces including Dinosaur and VROOOM. The Deception of the Thrush later became part of the repertoire of ProjeKct Three and King Crimson.

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