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From 1997 to 1999, the band King Crimson "fraKctalised" into four sub-groups known as ProjeKcts, one of which was ProjeKct One. ProjeKct One began as a suggestion by drummer Bill Bruford to fellow King Crimson band member, guitarist Robert Fripp that they do some improvisational shows together. Fripp suggested adding Trey Gunn (Warr guitar) and Bruford, to maintain a balance, suggested adding Tony Levin (bass, Stick), both also of King Crimson. The resulting quartet consisted of two-thirds of the King Crimson line-up. Fripp then developed the idea of "fraKctals", multiple different subsets of the band working together, as a way of overcoming King Crimson's problems—the band then having difficulty developing new material.

In the event, while ProjeKct One was the first of the sub-groups planned, thus its name, ProjeKct Two actually convened and recorded first. ProjeKct One existed only for four nights at the Jazz Café in London. Bruford, who subsequently expressed disappointment at the resulting material, then left King Crimson following artistic disputes with Fripp.

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