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Title: Out Of Our Hands
Artist: Flash
Type: Studio Album
Released: 1973
Label: Capitol (US), Sovereign (UK)
Producer: Flash

Out Of Our Hands is an album by Flash. It was released in 1973and reached #135 in the US charts. This was the last Flash album, the band breaking up in discord. Bennett, Carter and Hough had a band together, working in New York City, not long after, and Carter and Hough also worked together in another band with Al Greenwood (ex-Foreigner). Bennett and Carter eventually put together a Flash reunion: Banks was approached, but declined after discussions (partly objecting to Bennett's desire to swith to lead guitar). Hough was initially involved, but the reunited band eventually debuted as merely a duo in 2005.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Open Sky (3:19)
  2. None The Wiser (King) (3:19)
  3. Farewell Number One (Pawn) (1:38)
  4. Man Of Honour (Knight) (4:43)
  5. Dead Ahead (Queen) (4:20)
  6. The Bishop (4:20)
  7. Psychosync (Escape-Farewell Number Two-Conclusion) (4:51)
  8. Manhattan Morning (Christmas '72) (6:23)
  9. Shadows (It's You) (3:19)

Musicians Edit

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