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Title: Open Your Eyes
Artist: Yes
Type: Studio Album
Released: November 24th, 1997
Recorded: Summer 1997
Length: 74:12
Label: Eagle Records (UK), Beyond Music (US)
Producer: Yes

Open Your Eyes marked Billy Sherwood becoming the official keyboardist and rhythm guitarist in Yes, following Rick Wakeman's departure.

Initially begun as a collaboration between bassist Chris Squire and Sherwood, singer Jon Anderson was impressed by some of the early material and was eager to sing on it. With Steve Howe and Alan White involving themselves, the project became the next Yes album. However, the end result far from satisfied some of the band members.

Both Anderson and Howe still claim that the album was too rushed to incorporate their ideas and suffered as a result. Indeed, Open Your Eyes was received with mixed reaction from both critics and fans upon its November 1997 release, some finding it lacking in trademark Yes qualities, while some still praise the album for its upbeat nature. Nonetheless, Open Your Eyes - the cover of which referenced the band's 1969 debut - was a commercial flop, only reaching #151 in the US while missing the UK charts completely.

Although not officially credited as a member of the band, new recruit Igor Khoroshev - who would feature much more prominently on 1999's The Ladder - contributed to a few of the album's tracks.

Track Listing Edit

  1. New State Of Mind (6:00)
  2. Open Your Eyes (5:14)
  3. Universal Garden (6:17)
  4. No Way We Can Lose (4:56)
  5. Fortune Seller (5:00)
  6. Man In The Moon (4:41)
  7. Wonderlove (6:06)
  8. From The Balcony (2:43)
  9. Love Shine (4:38)
  10. Somehow, Someday (4:47)
  11. The Solution (23:47)

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