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Oliver Wakeman is a keyboardist and first son of Rick Wakeman. He has worked with Clive Nolan (of Arena) and Tracy Hitchings on two progressive rock concept albums, Jabberwocky (released 1999) and Hound of the Baskervilles.

Oliver has also worked with Steve Howe, his father's bandmate in Yes. (The two live relatively close to each other in south-west England). Howe worked on Oliver's solo album named The 3 Ages of Magick, while Oliver is on Howe's 2005 solo album Spectrum and helped on Howe's recording of "Australia" for the US version of the Yes collection The Ultimate Yes. Oliver has written a CD about his visits and experiences on Lundy, a small island in the Bristol Channel.

Oliver recently toured with Bob Catley, and also guested on an Ayreon project in 2004. Currently, however, he is one of two keyboardists (the other being Herb Schildt) for the American progressive rock band Starcastle.

Oliver toured with Yes in 2008 through the present and will work on the new album with Yes in Fall/Winter of 2010. Because of his commitments to Yes, He cannot tour with the Strawbs in their 2010 Fall/Winter tour.

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