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Title: Lost Tapes Of Opio
Artist: Jon Anderson
Type: Studio Album
Released: 1996 (Tape) / 2006 (CD)
Recorded: 1989-1990
Label: Opio Foundation (Tape) / Voiceprint (CD)
Producer: Jon Anderson

Lost Tapes Of Opio was recorded by Jon Anderson in the south of France in 1989 (or thereabouts). Anderson found the tapes again and released them as a cassette only through his Opio Foundation, with proceeds going to UNICEF. In Anderson's notes for the CD release, he says "Release" was written on the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison. That date was 11 Feb 1990, which puts the piece later than the supposed 1989 date for this material. "Homage to Sun Ra" is, as the name suggests, an homage to jazz musician Sun Ra and his Arkestra band. "Miraval" is about a chapel in Miraval, France, where Anderson once lived. "Opio Symphony", Anderson says, was "realized in 1987". (6) is the first tape Anderson recorded with Longwalker.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Release (27:24)
  2. Eireland (7:40)
  3. Miraval (8:21)
  4. Longwalker Speaks (17:36)
  5. Homage To Sun Ra (9:36)
  6. Opio Symphony (8:55)
    1. The Heralding
    2. Spring Dance Eternal
    3. Earth Awakening

Musicians Edit

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