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Title: Live Legends
Artist: Asia
Type: Video/DVD
Released: September 14th, 2004
Length: 60:00
Label: Classic Rock Legends
Producer: Asia

Live Legends is a live DVD/Video by Asia. It was released in September 2004.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Sole Survivor
  2. Don't Cry
  3. Voice Of America
  4. Time Again
  5. Prayin' 4 A Miracle
  6. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
  7. Only Time Will Tell
  8. Days Like These
  9. The Heat Goes On
  10. Heat Of The Moment
  11. Open Your Eyes

Special Features Edit

  1. Kari-Anne
  2. Prayin' 4 A Miracle
  3. Cutting It Fine
  4. Go

Musicians Edit

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