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Title: Live In Chicago, IL
Artist: King Crimson (ProjeKct Two)
Type: Collector's Club Album
Released: 2006
Recorded: June 4th, 1998
Label: Discipline Global Mobile
Producer: King Crimson

Live In Chicago, IL is the 33st Collectors' Club release. Recorded June 4, 1998 at Park West, Chicago, IL

"Good solid show tonight. Park West is a fantastic venue. The sound is always great. Plus, Chicago audiences are always very up-to-date with what we're doing. When we walked on stage tonight we had the feeling that everyone was with us. And in fact, I think a lot of the audience had already heard the CD". -Trey Gunn

Track Listing Edit

Disc One Edit

  1. Vector Shift
  2. House
  3. X-chayn-jiZ
  4. Vector Shift To Planet Belewbeloid
  5. Light ConstruKction
  6. Heavy ConstruKction

Disc Two Edit

  1. Sus-tayn-Z
  2. House 2
  3. Contrary ConstruKction
  4. The Deception Of The Thrush
  5. Acoustic Dinosaur
  6. Lounge VROOOM

Musicians Edit

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