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Formed by Yes-members Peter Banks on guitar and Tony Kaye on keyboards, Flash are completed by guitarist-bass player Ray Bennett (Gun), drummer Mike Hough and vocalist Colin Carter. The Banks/Kaye partnership was to last only one album, though after which Kaye quit Flash to form the "Christian-progressive" band Badger. The group carried on as a four-piece. Now, the band performs a powerful and energetic Progressive rock with less keyboards parts.

They released three albums with a sound much like early Yes. The first Flash album, a self-titled one, is a great piece of 70s style prog rock, featuring long compositions, thick bass, twisty guitar, keyboard flash, and complex Yes-like arrangements. "In The Can", released the next year, revolves around Bank's guitar with a more guitar-dominant sound. Compared to the two first albums, "Out Of Our Hands" is the last and least good of the Flash albums. There is also a live Flash album called "Psychosync", it makes a nice addition to the collecti

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