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Deja VROOOM is a live DVD/Video by King Crimson. It was recorded in October, 1995, and released in January, 1999. The updated 2007 release also adds some bonus videos.

Track Listing Edit

DVD 1 Edit

  1. "Circular Improv"
  3. "Frame By Frame"
  4. "Dinosaur"
  5. "One Time"
  6. "Red"
  7. "B'Boom"
  8. "THRAK"
  9. "Matte Kudasai"
  10. "Three Of A Perfect Pair"

DVD 2 Edit

  1. "VROOOM"
  2. "Coda: Marine 475"
  3. "Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream"
  4. "Elephant Talk"
  5. "Indiscipline"
  6. "The Talking Drum"
  7. "Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part Two"
  8. "People"
  9. "Walking On Air"

Special Features Edit

  • "21st Century Schizoid Band" (In which you can select a rhythm section, vocalist, and instrumentalist from various King Crimson incarnations)
  • "Vector Patrol" (In which you can select the bias for viewing the concert, and an audio setting of Dolby Surround or DTS)
  • "Tony's Road Movies" (Film vignettes from 1995-98)

Musicians Edit

King Crimson
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