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Buggles (the official version of the band name, used on their albums, singles, and publicity material, omits the prefix "The")[citation needed] were a New Wave band formed in 1977 consisting of Trevor Horn, born 1949 in Durham (bass guitar, guitar, percussion, and vocals), Geoff Downes, born 1952 in Stockport, Cheshire (percussion and keyboards) and Bruce Woolley.

Horn and Downes had first met in the mid 1970s while members of the backing band of British singer Tina Charles of "I Love to Love" fame, though they did not actually play on that record. After this stint they briefly went their separate ways, Horn playing bass guitar in the house band at Hammersmith Odeon for a while, where he met Bruce Woolley. During this period Horn yearned to become a record producer, but was frustrated by not being able to find ideal songs or artists to work with. As a result he reunited with Geoff Downes, and the trio of Horn, Downes, and Woolley began writing their own songs to record themselves as a studio band.

The Buggles' sound was characterised by a deliberately synthetic quality in keeping with the technological subject matter of their songs. Two different stories are claimed for the origin of the band's name. Horn said he chose "Buggles" because "It was the most disgusting name I could think of at that time", but the booklet for the CD remaster of "The Age of Plastic" says that it arose out of a private joke between Horn and Downes and was actually a pun on "Beatles".

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