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Following Bruford, Bill Bruford worked with another former member of Yes. Patrick Moraz. Whilst they were never in Yes at the same time both Bruford and Moraz?s roots and influences lie in jazz and it was in the mid eighties that the two musicians came together to record two albums of eclectic drum and keyboard based music. Both Music For Piano And Drums and flags were well-received and included diverse material such as the Max Roach composition This Drum Also Waltzes and self-written material like Living Space. All of the music recorded by Bill Bruford during the years 1978-1985 has a resonance that still rings loud and true today and is being discovered by a new and eager audience for whom the music and performances remain as fresh and as exciting as it was for those who discovered it the first time around. All of the re issues will be re mastered and repackaged for the new generation of fans who want to hear first hand these incredible albums and performances. Of course for the original fans who perhaps own the albums on vinyl now will be a good opportunity to re invest in the re mastered CD re issues which were originally only available for a limited time on CD.

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