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Title: 9012Live: The Solos
Artist: Yes
Type: Live Album
Released: November 7th, 1985 (US), March 17th, 1986 (UK)
Recorded: 1984
Length: 33:55
Label: Atco Records
Producer: Yes

9012Live: The Solos is the third live album by Yes, albeit one with a difference. Released as a mini LP in 1985, the album was primarily meant to feature all five current members in a solo fashion (hence the title), while also including two performances from their blockbuster 90125 album.

Its shunning of live versions of well-known songs baffled critics and fans, and compared with previous releases, 9012Live: The Solos was not a success.

Currently out of print (save for a pricey Japanese import), the album is rumoured to be reissued by Rhino Records in the coming months. Bonus tracks could be classic live tracks from that tour. The companion video has been released on DVD by Image Entertainment with previously unseen material and a director's cut without the 1950s stock footage.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Hold On (6:44)
  2. Si (2:31) - Tony Kaye Solo
  3. Solly's Beard (4:45) - Trevor Rabin Solo
  4. Soon (2:08) - Jon Anderson Solo
  5. Changes (6:58)
  6. Amazing Grace (2:14) - Chris Squire Solo
  7. Whitefish (8:33) - Chris Squire/Alan White Solo

Musicians Edit

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